Frequencies at SpaceLab

Frequencies are important parameters used in science and engineering to specify the rate if oscillatory and vibratory phenomena such as sound, radio waves and light. They are all around us constantly changing and creating the features of the visible and audible world familiar to everyone. Some aspects of them can only be perceived indirectly, yet we are all conscious of them without even thinking about it.
The ‘’Frequencies’’ affected by the underground music culture is here to bring you a unique experience and take you to a musical journey through the energetic sets of residents and guest DJs.

Welcome to ‘’Frequencies’’.


22:00 – 00:00 Mpalias
00:00 – 02:00 Austrek
02:00 – 04:00 Bassiks
04:00 – end Elder & Wynn

Entrance: 5euros
Doors open: 21:00

Austrek is a Producer and DJ based in Thessaloniki, GR.
Purveyor of infectious dance grooves and a dark atmosphere and melodies that makes you hit the dancefloor.
Growing up, he studied around music and learned to play several instruments.
In an early age he involved with rock music and became founding member of the band “The Rundays”.
But after years electronic music have became an integral part of his life. He started producing his own tracks and released 2 EPs.
One with turkish DaChronic and the second with the Glasgow’s Pro-b-tech-records. Moreover he created with the help of his friends Bassiks a number of events called “Frequencies”. He is also a member of the project Insights having some releases with it too.
Austrek is also very active member of his local techno scene.
Though he loves playing special events, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes.


Bassiks are a Greek DJ duo based in Thessaloniki playing a variety of sounds, from House to Techno. Since their early years both members – Stefanos Michailidis and Apostolos Chalimpakis – got involved with music following music studies and playing instruments such as guitar and goblet drum. In 2016 their love and passion for the electronic music brought them together and since then they are active members of the local scene having some very successful gigs including the ‘’Frequencies’’ event in which they are residents. Their sets combine both energetic and melodic tracks mixed in harmonic way always trying to tell a story through music. Their love for music doesn’t confine in electronic music as they both continue their music studies always trying to expand their horizons.


Elder & Wynn, also known as Technotomy, are a techno dj duet from Thessaloniki, Greece. From their teenage years, their love and passion for techno music led them to music technology and sound engineering studies and djing from 2015 when they performed their first Technotomy event. Influenced by many international known and local artists their sound is a combination of old school acid with the modern characteristics of industrial techno.


Mpalias’s house, tech house and techno signature is striking. Driving dance floors with a prolific sound, this SKG sider is amplifying late nights with solid originals and official remixes for fellow pioneers in the industry.


The Venue
Space Lab is a new addition on our city’s map. The venue supports the presentation and implementation of alternative events, which promote a different approach to the way people connect with art, culture, technology, and entertainment.
It is a transformative multi-space where the utmost creative people can materialize their ideas!


Οκτ 20 2017


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